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What I love most about what I do: it allows me to meet and engage with new people all the time.

To me, there is nothing more rewarding in the world than getting to be a part of and contributing to someone’s day in a special way. Whether it be big, like a wedding or being a part of a production for a commercial client or even a small contribution like giving lessons to a client that wants to learn a new technique or a family photo session where I get to pamper the hard working mom. 

I began my journey as a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in the beginning of 2014 by studying and learning as much as I could. In June of 2014, I started at the Empire Academy of Makeup as a way to grow and learn about my passion even more by surrounding myself with others that were passionate about the same thing and to learn new techniques from other working professionals.

My perfect day is spent with my fiancé and friends or family. I try to surround myself with the beauty of life and this world we have been blessed with. If I am not working on a Sunday, you can usually find me at home getting excited that it’s "sheet changing day" (because what’s better than clean sheets?), cooking breakfast and drinking coffee from one of my many mugs. I am also a huge fan of reading and love spending a sunny afternoon sitting in my backyard with a book.

I love to cherish all of life’s amazing moments that are given to us, and hope to do the same with you!